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nearly 90 years of lucha libre - finally a one-stop agency for officially licensing the sport's star

Legends of Lucha Libre is a brand proudly representing the IP rights of many of the biggest name lucha libre (Mexican professional wrestling) ICONS, LEGENDS and SUPERSTARS.  From former WWE World Champion & global Mexican icon Rey Mysterio to the legendary 2nd generation luchador Tinieblas Jr., to Solar who's memorable mask has graced the cover of multiple lucha libre photography books, to The Lucha Brothers Penta Zero M & Rey Fenix, the most in-demand luchadores o the planet today and stars of the new AEW Dynamite series on TNT, Legends of Lucha Libre brings them - and dozens more together - out of the ring and into the world of licensing.  For many, this is the first time their likeness and IP has been made available outside of Mexico.  

While luchadores may be Mexican wrestlers, their fan bases expand well beyond any country or industry.  These icons have become integrated into "Pop Culture" with many more recognizable around the globe than "traditional" sports stars and those of film and TV.  

Legends of Lucha Libre is wholly owned by Masked Republic, Inc. a privately held company, the first integrated live event, merchandising and media organization uniquely centered in the emerging growth market of lucha libre (Mexican wrestling) beyond the borders of Mexico.

The company's core businesses include representation of dozens of the biggest stars in the industry for wrestling and non-wrestling related appearances, worldwide merchandising, live event production management, production and distribution of content across multiple platforms including television, home entertainment, pay-per-view, digital media, and film. Masked Republic is headquartered in San Diego, CA, with offices in San Francisco, Mexico City and London.

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Managing rights in every product category plus tv/film/commercial casting and product endorsements, Legends of Lucha Libre has your entry point for lucha libre and Hispanic heroes!


WHERE ARE OUR STARS? absolutely everywhere!

In addition to being etched in the minds and hearts of pop-culture fans, Hispanics and pro wrestling fans across the globe, many of our Legends of Lucha Libre are still actively on TV and/or featured on current on-demand platforms today!

Legends of Lucha Libre luchadores appear on virtually every lucha libre broadcast and streaming event out of Mexico and the U.S. with stars like Rey Mysterio, Rey Fenix and Penta Zero M appearing weekly nationally televised in the U.S., Canada, U.K., France, Germany, India, Israel and beyond on series like WWE Raw, AEW Dynamite, Impact Wrestling and Major League Wrestling.

But Legends of Lucha Libre stars are also seen globally via modern platforms as well!

The WWE Network OTT service features 100s of matches of Legends stars including Psychosis, Juventud Guerera and Konnan while the Global Wrestling Network app features 100s more.'s Lucha Libre AAA channel streams classic lucha libre 24/7.

Our stars are also seen in numerous weekly series and specials on YouTube, Twitch and Facebook Watch.  

There has never been more GLOBAL AWARENESS and INTERNATIONAL FANDOM for lucha libre & its stars!

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